Write. Right!

The invitation was out. A lot of our friends whom we didn’t expect to come, would come, as they RSVP’d right away. Jess and I were both surprised. We definitely have to extend our budget. It’s okay, I guess. The more, the merrier. I was just planning to wear jeans and a decent top on […]

A Visit to an Old Friend ~ Oh, I have a Blog!

My blogging skills became rusty as I don’t get much inspiration to write anymore. Hence, an abandoned blog site. Most of the time, when I’m driven to write, my mind works nonstop. Whenever I observe something funny or interesting, I try to remember to write something about it. But as most bloggers, being on blog […]

Post-It Thoughts

Night shift. Holiday. 8 quiet patients. Boring. Got bored with my book so I started to doodle words on post-its. Colleague was asking: “What are you writing?” I answered, “Nothing.” Colleague said, “You write too much.” I just shrugged my shoulders and continued writing. ~Tiny Thoughts~ *you wear expensive clothes and buy expensive things just […]