Squeaky Shoes

There he goes. That boy and his squeaky shoes.

I always know when he’s around. This squeaking little sound it makes like a rubber ducky being squeezed inside his shoes every time he walks by.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

No need to find him. Just follow the squeaky sound.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

It reminds me of this noisy children’s shoes. Or the noise a shoe makes when you get wet from the rain.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

I wanted to buy him a new pair of shoes. The one where he can walk silently. Is he aware of the sound his shoes make?

But then again, I wouldn’t know when he’s around, would I?

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

And there he goes.



If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Make it Fit

I asked him to go shopping with me yesterday. He’s a good shopping buddy. But he keeps on telling me I should go shopping with the girls because men & women have different fashion sense. What can I do? I said. All of my girl friends are at work and I only have 3 days free time to shop. Besides, I’m too picky I’d end up not being able to buy anything.

Whenever I ask him if the shoes match my dress, he’d shake his head in disagreement. “Can I just wear flats?” I asked. “Don’t,” he said. “We’ll find you the thick-heeled shoes” (wedge). “I know you can’t walk in those pointed heels.” Then he started acting like a homosexual telling me he knows all about girl’s fashion.

I was so exhausted I told him we should just go home. But he said we won’t go home until we found a pair of shoes for my dress. I don’t really have much patience shopping for high-heeled shoes. They’re just deadly weapons created to give blisters and leg cramps. But then he found this simple, single strap, ankle tie, white wedges that perfectly matches my dress. I asked for a size 6. It was a little bit loose. So I asked for a size 5. Unfortunately, size 6 is their smallest size. I just wanna cry. Why do I have to have small feet?

I tried it on and walked. It’s a little bit loose but it’s not that noticeable. I guess it will do. I can just give it away to one of my sisters after the wedding.

Problem number 3 solved.