An Attempt to Lose Weight

This whole marriage thing made me stop my running routine and diet. I lost 6 kg before my marriage (from 52 kg to 46 kg). When my would-be-husband saw me, he said I don’t look good. I looked better with my chubby cheeks. But my chubby cheeks came with a 3-layered bulging tummy and a multiple tiny dimpled legs and arms. Could I just puff my cheeks then if it makes him so happy?

My husband wants me to eat healthy. By healthy, in his own definition, it means eating rice three times a day excluding the snacks in between meals. Well, he succeeded.  In his first attempts to make me eat dinner (I only eat breakfast & lunch), I had stomach cramps every night, which gradually disappeared. Now, I can’t go to bed without having dinner. My running routine has been replaced with our afternoon walks to the grocery store buying junk foods. I didn’t notice I’m slowly gaining weight, until I wore my favorite jeans and suddenly I couldn’t  sit without the bulges showing on my tummy. When I weighed myself, I am now 50 kg.

Then I went home to the Philippines…

…and came back to Abu Dhabi with more bulges in my body. (I don’t even wanna know how much I weigh..)

Now, I promise myself not to heed to my husband’s attempts to fatify me.

I will:

– Get rid of our snack bar which consists of junk foods & chocolates and replace it with fruits instead.

– Run every afternoon for 2 hours during days off and 30 minutes every after work.

– Eat rice only once a day.

– Drink lots of water.

– Cook healthy meals.

I seriously need to get back in shape. And I hope my husband will do the same.

To losing weight! And puffing cheeks!


Inside My Head: Random Thoughts of a Restless Girl

Twelve-hour/day work is really exhausting, especially if it’s straight day or straight night. So I really maximize my time on my days off.

Yesterday, I finally worked on my IELTS application, submitted it together with the requirements at the UK embassy, and scheduled an exam. Then I went to the mall to reward myself.

When I went home, I organized my review materials, did some chores, and wrote down the list of things that I’m planning to do.

Before sunset, I decided to run some laps. My endurance and stamina aren’t that strong anymore as I don’t run everyday like before. Since I lost 5 kg at the start of the year, I decided to mellow down and run only during my days off. I don’t need to lose more weight. I just needed to be fit. After 2 laps, I was thinking if I should go home or continue to run 1 more lap. I’ve decided to run another lap. That’s when I saw my roommate M getting ready to run as well. I was so delighted to see her getting in shape. So we ran together towards the beach (well, she easily gets tired so we basically just walked and talked). After an hour, we decided to go home. But before that we ordered some juice at this fancy restaurant right in the middle of the park.

When we reached home, C and S were drinking Red Horse beer while munching on Calamares. I asked what’s the occasion. S just laughed and told me she just wanted her menstruation to come out and asked C to join her. Well, almost every (Filipino) girl I know have this belief that if  you want to have a heavier menstruation, you should drink beer. I don’t know where they got that crazy idea but frankly, I don’t care. They can believe whatever it is they wanted to believe. So I said, “Really? Well, I’ll put that to test. I know I’m going to have my period anytime this week. I want to see if it will come tomorrow (Haha!).” M and I shared one tall can and S turned on her videoke and we started singing. S will be leaving us this month so we make it a point to bond every chance we get.

The next morning (as expected), I still haven’t got my period (as I’m regularly irregular). I asked S if her period got heavier this time and she said yes. Well, I guess it’s a case to case basis (yeah, right!).

After tidying up our room, I went to the grocery store to buy some ingredients (as I’m going to cook my 3 day meal). I’m learning to cook (and becoming independent). 😉 I know, there are certain things that I needed to learn in order to survive. Back home (Philippines), I don’t need to do anything. After work, I have food, my clothes have been washed and ironed, and all I have to do is rest. But now, all I can depend on is myself. I’m actually enjoying every moment (though at times I really miss being home). When I think about it, I feel so proud of myself.

I’m starting to save up. I send money to the Philippines straight to my savings account (aside from my savings account here in AD). I really don’t like buying all the latest gadgets and other stuff (although sometimes I have the urge to buy). My reason is, I have to find a way to get rid of the old (but still functioning) stuffs that I have before I decide to replace it with a new one. Otherwise, I’m just collecting junks I have no use of. But don’t get me wrong. I’m also a spendthrift. Sometimes I surprise myself from buying something so expensive that I wasn’t able to think about it. An impulsive buyer. After that Tsunami that hit Japan, I realized I don’t need a lot of things (I can get by with nothing.) 😉

I have nothing more to say. 😉

Just When I Thought I’m Back On Track

I’ve decided to run, right after work like I used to. The wind was very icy indeed and as I walk through the park, I embraced myself to fight the cold. I’m only wearing shirt and my scrub pants. I didn’t bother wearing a jacket because as soon as I started running, I know it would just be useless. So I started running running slowly until I picked up my pace. Glad I don’t feel easily exhausted after not running for how many days. I was able to run nonstop for two laps in 30 minutes. I think my target heart rate is increasing as I don’t feel much exhausted like before. I’m surprised I wasn’t even panting. So after 2 laps, I went home.

Today is our next-room neighbor’s daughter’s birthday and everyone’s inside their room eating. My roommates and the mother of the celebrant were all inviting me to join them but I declined because I just got back to my running routine and I don’t want it to be ruined. As I was doing my tummy exercise, my roommate peeked and told me to come and join them. I said, I don’t want to. I will just eat tomorrow. I know they’re probably thinking that I don’t interact with them socially and that I just stay in our room all day without talking to anyone. Well, it’s not that. When I’m determined to do something, nothing can stop me. I may be a social outcast in their eyes and selfish in a way but I don’t care and I refuse to be labeled as such.

I took a shower, went to bed and faced my laptop. The mother of the birthday celebrant went to our room again and invited me to eat, for the third time. I couldn’t say no. She’s much too nice to decline for the third time so I went there and my two other roommates accompanied me. I don’t want to look like I’m being important or something. I stayed there, had a taste of each dish (I wasn’t that hungry), and joined their conversation. Okay, I thought, forget about gaining some weight. I will just run again tomorrow and maybe add another lap. It’s more important to get to know my neighbors. Besides, I don’t go out of our room that much and I don’t go around and chat with them that often and I think occasions are the best time to interact with them.

When I went back to our room, it’s past my bedtime. I know that the food that I ate will remain undigested until tomorrow and will add up to my weight. Huhuhu! Just when I started to run again…:(

Excuses: You Just Never Run Out of It When You’re Too Lazy to Do Anything

Lately, I’ve been neglecting my running routine. Ever since I had my period, rained in Abu Dhabi, had some bad day, started working in night shift, I find all the excuses not to run. I wasn’t prepared about this having a period thing when running. I researched about it on the internet but I guess my body gives the best answer: it’s not comfortable enough to run. Well, I tried to run on the first day of my period but the rain prevented me from doing it so it must be a sign not to overwork my body. Besides, this menstrual cramps I get makes me think twice about running. On night shifts, I tried waking up one hour before shower but it’s too sunny to run so I didn’t. I thought, well, maybe I should run in the morning right after work, but then I’m too sleepy to even think about it not to mention the fact that I’m lacking sleep and I feel that it’s not good for the body. So there you are. I don’t know if these excuses are valid.

About my diet, it’s basically just about the same. It only changed when I had to do night shifts. I couldn’t NOT eat in the night because during the day, I spend most of my time sleeping. I tried eating during the day before going to bed so I wouldn’t get hungry during the night, however, hunger pangs attacked me and tried as I might, I couldn’t prevent myself from eating. I’m hungry, and it’s my body’s way of telling me that it’s not humane to prevent one’s self from eating. Besides, I always listen to what my body says. It’s the best Doctor you’ll ever have. When something’s wrong, your body will tell you about it. And believe me, listen to it in order to save yourself from further injury.

I weigh myself every morning before breakfast and so far, I never go beyond 49 kg. That’s a good sign. But I still feel bad about not having to run because running makes me feel good about my body.

This afternoon, I’ve been contemplating whether I’ll run or not. I came from night shift, was able to sleep, and it’s my day off. But then at this hour, Jess is waiting for a chat, and it’s my nephew’s 11th birthday and I’m planning to talk to him on Skype and also talk to the rest of my family as well. So in choosing between having to run and talk to my loved ones, I’d definitely choose the latter. I also heard that there’s a sandstorm outside so it’s better if I just stay indoors.

I just never run out of excuses, ain’t I? I think I better change my running routine that’ll include the above circumstances. When laziness sets in, my body chooses comfort over effort, to think that running just takes away 30 minutes of my precious time, tsk.

I think my laziness had its time. I needed to get back on track or else, all of my effort would just go to waste. No more excuses!

Jess: Are you still running?

Me: Tsk…no…I’m too lazy…

Jess: But you are running nonstop.

Me: Huh?

Jess: On my mind…;)

Me: Bwahahahaha! Nice one!