The Flick Chick

March 30, 2006

I’m feeling a little restless today so I might as well transfer this energy into something worthwhile.

I have another classmate whom I’ve been observing for quite a while now eversince she came into the room with a loud music playing in her ear. You’d think she’s holding a component instead of a cellphone. Yep, it’s that loud. She’s too preoccupied with her cellphone that it looked like she’s just displaying a “reviewee” image. If there’s this statuesque figure in the corner of this room who studies all the time, this chick does nothing but to flick on her brand-new-latest-model cellphone. Her book is all spread out in her table but she’s not studying at all. She’s too busy displaying her one-of-a-kind-state-of-the-art cellphone which probably cost more than her brain. I think she’s turning up the volume of her cellphone on purpose just so people would notice how expensive her cellphone is.

Yeah…cool cellphone you got there Miss…but where did your brain go?



March 28, 2006

There’s this girl in my class whom I’ve been observing from the very first day. She goes to the center very early, sit in her favorite corner at the end of the room and just read. She’ll remain seated with her head buried in her book for hours. I mean, she doesn’t even budge. When I look at her after some time, she still exhibits the exact same posture as she had a while ago. I wonder if she’s catatonic. The only time I saw her moving is when she goes to the lavatory. She walks very fast like she’s in a hurry. I’d notice she came back when I hear hurried footsteps. She’ll then resume her position in her favorite chair and then remain fixated in her book again for hours. The last time I checked, she’s almost finished reading Saunders. Hmmm…I wonder how she does that. I couldn’t even last longer than 2 hours in my seat. I would find ways to entertain myself when I’m bored, like observing my other classmates or something. I wonder if she has already developed pressure sores in her butt for sitting too long…Her concentration level must be really that high for her to be able to endure reading a textbook for 12 straight hours. My concentration level? 30 minutes. 1 hour tops. That’s why I REALLY have to entertain myself before I start reading again. And she’s been one of the persons who never fail to amuse me for the past couple of months…the statuesque figure in the corner of the room.

The Peeking Butt and Miss Know-It-All

March 3, 2006

While listening to our teacher, I got distracted by this girl sitting in front wearing a pair of low-cut jeans. She was leaning over and I could see her butt peeking and staring straight at my face the entire time. Gross!

This other girl, Miss Know-it-all who loudly recites all of her correct answers was so obnoxious that when she loudly recited a wrong answer, my mind was celebrating and secretly laughing at her. I mean, who wouldn’t get annoyed? She was like,

 “D! A! B!”

 Ugh! I so wanted to tell her to shut up.

My friend Mizhael had only 13 mistakes in a 100-item question and she was just sitting there listening to the rationales. When a girl asked a question about the correct positioning for a patient during a paracentesis and asked why not prone, Miss Know-it-all loudly retorted,

“What?! Ugh! Could we just leave?”

My jaw dropped for her tactlessness and I couldn’t help but to stare at her in disgust.

I wish the peeking butt stared at her like it stared at me, she deserves it. Sheesh! What a dweeb!

Types of Reviewees

I wrote this blog post when I was still reviewing for the NCLEX-RN exam. 🙂

March 3, 2006

I got distracted by a bunch of giggly girls next to my table and it inspired me to write something about them. When you go to a review center, you meet different kinds of people but you can always find the same types of people, if you get what I mean.

Let me categorize the different reviewees you usually find in a review center:

Echolalia – in medical terms, it means repetition of words. Originally coined by my friend Mizhael, this is the reviewee that I hate the most. When a lecturer is talking, an echolalia person either repeats what the lecturer is saying, fills in the missing word, or answers loudly just to show the other reviewees that he/she knows the answer.


Lecturer: “These signs and symptoms tell us that the patient is experiencing hemolytic reaction.”

Echolalia: “Reaction!”

Lecturer: “And we should immediately stop the blood transfusion.”

Echolalia: “Transfusion!”

Lecturer: (now telling a story) “Nagpunta ako sa tindahan…”

Echolalia: “Tindahan!”

You would think you’re attending a kindergarten class and not a review class…

Circle of friends – these are reviewees who often plan to enroll in a review center together and do nothing but talk. You would often see them in circles giggling around (just like the girls next to my table). I mean, there’s nothing wrong if you talk AFTER the review. It’s a different thing when you talk DURING the review. It’s really irritating to see a bunch of giggly girls who whispers (gee, thanks…) stories to each other while you’re trying to study. One particular girl wasn’t satisfied standing around while whispering to this other girl that she grabbed a nearby chair and stayed there to chat.

“Bzzz…bzzz…hihihi! Bzz…bzz…bzz…hihihi!”

Note: When planning to enroll in a review center, enroll alone. That way you can make the most out of your time.

Photocopier – these are the reviewees who don’t write anything at all. After the class, he/she will approach a classmate to borrow notes and have it photocopied. This is the reviewee that my friend Mizhael hates. Wise move! But don’t you think you’re being a parasite? Nobody cares if you don’t want to write. If you think you’re smart enough to write, then you have to deal with not having any notes and just rely on your sponge-like brain.

Buy-the-book syndrome – these are the reviewees who tries to buy all the review materials they can find even if they don’t read it. Buying all the review material gives the reviewee a sense of security. I’m guilty of this one. But I make sure that once I buy a book, I will read it. I’m telling you now, buy only the materials that you can read. It’s a waste of money to pile up on review materials you won’t have time to read. I bet you wouldn’t even remember a single thing once you’re done reading a book.

So far, these are the reviewees familiar to me that I have categorized. I’m sure there are still other types of reviewees out there whom you will encounter and irritate you once in a while. But don’t let them bother you. Just think that all of your hard works and the dedication to study harder will pay off once you pass your big exam. Plus, you also have to think of the friends you meet in your class, who helped you a lot in boosting your confidence.