Expiration Date

This year, a lot of things are going to expire (including me, ugh!).

I made a list of the things that will expire in chronological order:

~Vermont RN license (done!)

~ PRC licenses (PT and RN)

~ Visa Screen Certificate

Just for my Vermont RN license alone, I spent AED 1,000+ for the license renewal, bank draft fee and the registered mail. I received my renewed license after a week then sent it to my agency’s email.

For my PRC licenses, I already emailed my sister about it.

Today, I received another email from my agency reminding me to start registering for the  IELTS exam because my Visa Screen Certificate is going to expire in 8 months. Preparing for IELTS (register for the exam, schedule a test, study for the test) requires time. And in between work, I know this 8 months is just enough for me to prepare. Now I’m gonna need to spend more money for this. I checked online: the test itself costs AED 875, and if I want to take a preparatory course, it will cost me AED 2,300. The review books I can get at AED 120, not to mention the renewal fee application for the Visa Screen amounting to USD 350.

All this for what? For a Nursing job in the US that I’ve been waiting for 4 years already? 4 years ago, how much did I spend for taking the NCLEX, enrolling in an expensive review center, going to Hongkong for the exam, taking the IELTS, reviewing for the IELTS? I don’t even remember anymore.

I don’t even understand why I need to take the IELTS again. I mean, what if I don’t pass the exam, considering I’m in a broken English country. I (seriously) really need to take an IELTS class.

I found my hospital diary and scribbled all my plans, tasks, notes etc. I never knew I had a lot more to accomplish.

I better start doing something before I run out of time (and money!).


“Sigaw” (Scream)

April 3, 2006

My friend and I went to this so-called “mall” to find this center for a make-up lecture (not the make-up cosmetics type). I think, IT IS a mall, but more like a “tiangge” type. But anyway, the classroom was located on the 3rd floor. We rode the elevator and upon arriving there, we noticed a lot of doors. The place looked more like the clinics in the Medical Arts building, only it was kind of “abandoned” because it’s empty (except for the reviewees who enter the room 316). I kind of gotten used to the place for 2 days.

On my last day, in the middle of an exam, I have the sudden urge to void. My bladder was too full that I couldn’t concentrate on my exam so I decided to go to the lavatory to relieve myself. On my way to the lavatory, I realized I was alone. The lavatory was located at the far end of the hallway past a couple more doors. While walking, the place suddenly reminded me of the movie “Sigaw”, the Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin horror film. I can imagine Izza Calzado knocking at the doors. Suddenly, the lavatory seemed too far away so I quickly ran towards it. My imagination seemed all so real that I can almost hear the knocking with its matching background horror sound effects. When I finally reached the lavatory, it was also empty. I quickly went inside one of the cubicles and relieved myself. My bladder was too full that it took a long time before I could finally empty it. I could just imagine the little girl climbing slowly at my door. I was so scared that I quickly walked my way out of the lavatory and headed back to the classroom.

And no, I did not pee in my pants, thank you very much!

Talk about being a scaredy-cat…whew!