The Ova

I’m actually contemplating on whether I should write this down as part of my planned pregnancy journal. Maybe it will be too graphic like I was writing a Fifty Shades kind of thing. But what the heck.

Last Saturday was my OB appointment. Luckily, my husband was able to accompany me. As I was being prep for the ultrasound, my mind was focusing on the ultrasound monitor to reveal an egg.

Please let me have an egg! Please let me have an egg!

My thoughts were kind of distracted when the doctor started my ultrasound. I was looking at the monitor and I don’t know what was going on. There was this oval-shaped thing that the doctor was putting a line on and the picture would stop. Then she would probe again and if she sees a significant image, she would make another line and it will stop, like taking a photo or something. Then at last, she explained to me what the oval thing was and the other shape that she highlighted. It wasn’t sinking in because the doctor was talking nonsense to me.

“Blah, blah, blah, ova.”

Wait, did she just say OVA as in EGG?

Then she started explaining to me the other significant image that she highlighted which was my endometrium, as it was ready for fertilization.

The she said, “so today and for the next two days you and your husband should have contact because after the third day, the fertilized egg should be released in your endometrium.”

I was like, what?

Then I casually asked, “so doctor, I have an ova?” like it was a perfectly normal thing and haven’t undergone an emotional turmoil.

The doctor said, “yes, you have an ova and it’s ready to be fertilized.”

I feel like a specimen, or a plant.

After the ultrasound, the doctor told me she still needs to monitor my prolactin levels because in some cases when the medication stops, it rises again and it will not be good for bearing a child.

So basically, this is like, the good news first then the bad news.

My husband was totally clueless after my check-up because he didn’t understand all the medical terms that has been said. I just smiled and said, “I have an egg.”

And he was so happy like I just told him I’m pregnant.

Now I’m hoping and praying for this egg to be fertilized in three days. 😊


Okay, So it’s Not Milk After All…

Today, I called the clinic to talk to the nurse about my blood result and the Doctor’s advice. As expected she forgot to call me back. When she learned that it was me on the line, she was surprised and told me, “oh, did I forget to call you?” I was fighting the urge to be sarcastic. But I kept my composure and tried to be as nice as possible. It was the second time that she forgot to call me back. I asked her what the doctor said. She told me, high Prolactin levels in the blood means a high possibility of infertility.

I kind of expected that. As much as I hate googling some medical problems, I did try looking up in the internet about high levels of Prolactin in the body and what it means before I called her. The terms, anovulation, amenorrhea, and infertility came out. My mind kept on denying it. Internet is a terrible place to look up about any medical problem. I want to hear it from the doctor herself. As soon as I heard from the nurse about what the doctor said, I was devastated. I can’t be infertile.

The nurse said the doctor left me a prescription to inhibit prolactin in my body. I called my husband right away to get the prescription for me. When I came home from work, I found the medicine lying in the dresser. It’s a very small bottle of medicine called Dostinex. It contains 2 tablets to be taken every 3 days. I took it right away after eating.

I really hope that medicine would normalize my prolactin levels. Right, and I thought I was already producing milk.

I Have Milk!

After 12 days of having my blood test (TSH and Prolactin), I was wondering why the nurse didn’t call me for the results yet when she promised me she’d call after 3 or 5 days. Well, I’m a very patient girl and I’m thinking, maybe it’s not ready yet. But hey, who are they kidding? The nurse definitely forgot to call me back.

So as soon as I wake up today, I dialed the clinic’s number and requested to speak with my Doctor’s nurse. Then she said she will call me back to check the results. I didn’t even mention that she didn’t call me after 3 or 5 days like she promised. But I waited for her call. After 5 minutes she called me back. She said my TSH is normal but my Prolactin is high. Okay, so my memory is kinda rusty at the moment but I have an inkling that Prolactin has something to do with the milk production. I asked the nurse what does it mean having a high Prolactin, expecting a different answer. She said I have a high milk production.

(blank face)

Is she kidding? I mean, should I be happy? I’m not even a mother yet but I have the capacity to breastfeed? Then she asked, “you want to get pregnant, right?” What does having an increase milk production got to do with getting pregnant? A lot of things are going on in my head right now and I almost didn’t hear her say that she will show the results to my doctor tomorrow because she forgot. There you go.

If I hadn’t called, my next period will arrive and I still haven’t started taking my fertility pills yet.

But I forgive you nurse. I understand because I’m a nurse myself. But I also want to be a mother soon. So please, don’t be so forgetful next time, okay?

I still cannot believe I have an increase milk production.😓