Cross Fit

Me and my sisters, together with Mom, were watching TV downstairs. I saw a commercial about Celeteque wrinkle remover with the model putting the cream on her eye area.

Me: ooh, I want to try that one! I’m starting to have wrinkles around my eyes.

Mom: It’s cross fit.

My younger sister smiled and asked my Mom to repeat what she said.

Mom: cross fit.

Younger sister: (laughs) cross fit??? you mean CROW’S FEET.

Mom: yah, cross fit.

Me: hey, mom’s like that. listen, mom, say Rich (name of my 10-month old nephew).

Mom: Rits.

Me: say apple.

Mom: epol.

Me: how about pizza?

Mom: (smiles) picha.

I think the wrinkles around my eye just  grew deeper…:)