I Left My Ears in my Pocket

I had another attack of deafness while endorsing a patient from ward to ICU and answering the Doctor’s questions. In between ambubagging while shifting the patient, my mind tried to focus on what the Doctor was asking. ICU Doctor: Does he have any “EXCRETIONS?’ Me: Excretions doctor? Secretions? Yes doctor, too much secretions in the […]

Memory Loss

A female patient, 8 weeks pregnant was admitted in our ward. Doctors in our hospital (I don’t know if all the doctors in UAE per se)  don’t write history of present illness. Even the diagnoses aren’t even diagnoses. Under the diagnosis, they just write the symptoms. So we received the patient wondering what happened and […]

The Flying Patient

A 5-year old daughter of an Irish couple was admitted in our ward. They were touring the U.A.E when their daughter had an episode of acute bronchitis. They stayed for 5 days. On the last day of their stay, they asked their attending pediatrician for a medical certificate so they can extend their flight. My […]

Things That Make Nursing Fun Despite The Heavy Workload

With my job as a Nurse in Hell Hospital, I encounter a lot of patients. Some just come and go, some stay with us like it’s their second home, and some are so distinct in ways you can imagine that they stick in our memory. Sometimes a patient comes to visit us and greet us […]

The Thermostat

There was a call from a patient’s room so I went there to check. Male Arab: Eh…the thermostat, please check. Me: (Huh?) So I checked the AC. Male Arab: No, no, no…this baby (pointing at his kid), the thermostat, check. (Looking at me like I’m the dumbest person he ever saw.) Me: (Aaaaaahhhh….TEMPERATURE!) Okay Sir, […]

Arabically Speaking…

A female Arab visitor was looking for a patient and was speaking in Arabic. I knew right away that she doesn’t know how to speak in English (I tried but all I got was a blank stare). So there I stood, desperately trying to remember the right Arabic words to say. Then I said, “KAMSA […]