Hello, May I Take Your Order?

My work schedule is preventing me from eating on time. I always tend to skip one meal. I don’t have time to cook so I buy my food at the hospital cafeteria, eat junk food/instant noodles or eat outside when I’m off-duty.

One time when I was rushing for work, I stopped by KFC to order some dinner. Luckily, there wasn’t any queue so I went and placed my order.

Me: One piece original chicken please, thigh part, for takeout.

Crew: Original or Spicy?

Me: (Ignoring her question because she might not have heard me. Didn’t I just tell her???) Original…

Crew: For dine in or takeout?

Me: (Sheesh! eyes getting smaller…) For takeout…(drumming my fingers on the counter.)

Crew: And what would be your drink ma’am?

Me: Sprite. Ooopps, sorry…Mountain Dew.

I saw the crew getting a tumbler  filling it up with Pepsi. I didn’t say anything until she gave me the wrong drink.


Crew: Ooopps, sorry.

Did she just mock me???

I don’t know but, is she dumb or what??? Did I place my order wrong? I just told her my order in one complete sentence (except for my drink). Did spicy ever slipped in my order? Did I just say for dine-in instead of takeout?

I might as well place an order from a robot.