Nursing. It’s not for EVERYONE.

  I don’t think Nursing is for me. 

Nursing is for people who have a lot of patience, who can endure long hours of work (and additional hours if required), who can sacrifice family and other important matters just to be there for the patients. Nursing is for those who can tolerate being shouted at, berrated and demanded of all the things needed to be done, sometimes forgetting that a Nurse has some needs too, which is frequently ignored in order to fulfill his/her duty. Nursing is for those who can maintain their composure even if the people around them are insulting them or trying to put them down.

Nursing is for people who goes out of their way helping patients in need even if it’s out of their job description. Nursing is for those who knows how to separate their own personal feelings when they have done the best they could and still lose a patient. Nurses strive to help the sick and the dying, even risking their own health. 

Nursing is for those who can work even if they are not appreciated for all the hard work they’ve done. Nursing is for those who feels that even if the world around them seems to crumble, a simple and sincere gesture from someone who finally appreciated them means a whole lot more than a plaque or an award from the hospital management. 

All of that said, and being a Nurse for almost 8 years, I know that this job is not for me. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve gone through all these things. I saw that despite the working condition of the Nurses, they are one of the happiest people I know. Team work is highly developed and they will be your family away from home. 

But I cannot imagine myself doing this for the rest of my life. I am not a people person. I am happiest working on my own space away from the crowd. I derive my energy doing things on my own in a systematic way. I love to write. I love to read. I love observing people. I love talking to them about their life. I love to ponder on things.  I love to just be in a corner and enjoy nature, listen to people chat without being interested, watching stray cats and birds flocking, or anything that looks interesting. I love a small crowd of people whom I share the same point of view. I love nonsense conversations as well as intelligent ones. I am happiest when I can be with myself.

Nursing can define a person. Not all Nurses are alike. I’ve seen Nurses who are truly dedicated to service. Those are the kind of Nurses who should be running the hospitals.

Nursing is not a career. It is a calling. I salute all the Nurses out there around the world. You have all my respect. You are a modern day hero. 

As for me, well, I hope I can finally find my true calling. I am still a Nurse though, in a true sense of the word. It’s a tough job. But I still think it’s not for me.