Starting a New Life in a 46kg Luggage


photo credits from Pinterest
As I stare at the mess in our room, the travel bags, mountainful of clothes, unkempt laundry, documents and other trinkets, I feel so overwhelmed that I can’t help but to reminisce.

More than 5 years ago, I started my life in Abu Dhabi, UAE with a 30kg luggage on hand. I had $1000 and a pocketful of hope. I eventually found a job, rented a 900dhs bed space in a cramped bedroom and started living independently. I met new friends and built new memories away from home.

I married a year after (to my boyfriend of 12 years) and moved out. We accumulated a lot of stuffs and memories together.

Now onto the next chapter, we’re finally heading another path. In 12 days, we’ll be moving out to another country.

I started by emptying out our drawers and found a lot of sentimental stuff that may not mean so much to other people, but it means a whole lot to us. How can I throw away the small love notes that we leave everytime we don’t see each other? And how about the things we bought that we love so much but can’t bring it with us? I guess we have been too attached to things and memories that it makes it hard for us to let go.

Then I remembered the 30kg luggage when I started my life here. It may look so easy but before I came down to 30kg, I had a hard time parting with the things I love. But I was able to go through it without any regret.

Now that I’m gonna start a brand new life in another country with my husband, trying to fit our lives in a 46kg luggage each is also a big challenge. But as we try to sort out again and again the things we need to bring from the things we need to let go whole heartedly, we finally learn that starting all over again and leaving the old stuff behind is the only way to do it. 

Now, as I stare into the pile of accumulated things and memories, I think I’m ready to start a whole new life with my husband.