I wish home is just a blink away. That whenever I feel sad, mad, or stressed out, in a blink of an eye I’m transported back to home. A home away from all the insecurities in life. A quiet and simple place where you can feel at peace with yourself, away from all the madness, […]

Living Together: How to Adjust (Marriage 101?)

We moved in to our new room (finally!) 3 days ago. It took some time before I got used to my new routine. I had to go back a couple of times to our room whenever I go to the bathroom or kitchen because I always forget something. I have to rummage on a pile […]

The Girl Who Can’t Seem To Give Up Comfort (and Forgets She’s Married)

It’s been 2 days since I’ve moved out of my flat. I went back to my old flat yesterday morning to get my other stuff and to leave my keys to the owner and I was feeling melancholic already. As I was walking the path towards my old flat, the sight of the park and […]