The Tale of a Dying Kitty

The following post was written on January 8, 2006 on my old blog, Anything Goes.

I was in our room watching TV when my 5-year old nephew Reinnier came to me and told me that he was playing with our neighbor when he found a lost kitty.

He said, “I took the kitty and put it in our neighbor’s yard. I should be friendly to animals that’s why I helped the kitty.”

So I told him, “You’re a good little boy! You just did the right thing,” and patted him on the head wondering why on earth would he put it in our neighbor’s yard.

He seemed pleased with what he did and asked me, “Tita, how do kitties grow?”

I told him, “Same as how you grow.”

“Does it drink milk from its mommy?”

“Of course,” I said.

“Why don’t we have pets here?”

“It’s because you have asthma,” I answered.

“I like it better in Mallig. There are lots of pets there and it has a big playground, unlike here,” he said with a poignant look on his face.

Then he quickly went downstairs. His dad was outside washing the car. I went to the kitchen to look for a snack when I heard Reinnier crying. My brother took Reinnier inside trying to console him. I asked my brother what happened. He told me (in Ilocano so Reinnier won’t understand) that Reinnier wanted to get the kitty and give it some milk but my brother told him that the kitty is already dying and that he should just pray for the kitty instead. That’s when Reinnier started crying. He doesn’t want the kitty to die. I went outside to look for the kitty and there it was…a very small kitty covered with wounds and it couldn’t get up. It was as if it’s running out of air but it keeps on crying. My heart literally broke at the sight of the kitty. I wanted to do something to save its life but my brother told me to leave it alone because it’s already dying. Now I understand why Reinnier cried. Even I wanted to cry. I hate it when I see animals dying like that. Poor kitty…Now I have a guilty feeling that I didn’t do something. I feel like I wanted to join Reinnier crying. I’m weak when it comes to animals. I still wanted to know what happened to that poor little kitty but I don’t want to see it dead. I still have its picture on my mind. I couldn’t forget how it looked as it was gasping for air…

Poor little kitty…:(