Passing the Buck

March 18, 2006

Pass the buck – to shift responsibility to somebody else.

I always get annoyed by people in jeepneys who like to sit near the entrance and then get someone else to pass their fare for them. Ugh! I always give them the dirty look. It’s like they’re doing it on purpose. They’ll wait for someone to sit near the driver and even before the new passenger could be able to sit comfortably, those pests would ask that passenger to pass their fare.

Since I hate passing someone else’s fare, whenever I ride a jeepney and see passengers near the entrance of the jeep and an empty seat near the driver, I sit near the driver, give my fare, and then quickly move to the end seat. Hah! And they think they could make me pass their fare for them? Sorry, no can do… It’s okay if there are a lot of passengers, but if it’s too obvious that you’re just waiting for someone to sit near the driver and pass your fare, sorry, can’t help you with that though…

Too childish, huh? Well, that’s me…