What Ends a Statement? Period.

Warning: This may come out as gross or a little TMI to you but I have to talk about this as I am writing a journal about my planned pregnancy. Read at your own risk.

I have an irregular period. Before, it will take more than a month before my next period comes or it will take more than a week before my period stops. I have hormonal imbalance and I have been taking contraceptive pills to normalize my hormones. But that was only for 3 or 6 months. Then I will have my regular OB check up: to check my hormone levels and everything. After the pills, I still have an irregular period but at least I’m having it monthly. That was when I was still single, and that’s when I learned that I have PCOS. My doctor was urging me to get pregnant right away but I can’t because Jess and I were still studying in college at that time.

My period came a bit early this month. I took this hormone pills (Progyluton) my doctor prescribed last August and my period came after 28 days. Before September, I had my next period and I took Dostinex (Cabergoline) to normalize my Prolactin levels. After 26 days, my period came. That’s a lot of period, I know. It’s like having this bloody month not once, but twice. But wait, there’s more! As advised, I was to report to the clinic on the 11th or 12th day of my period to see if I have produced an egg. Funny, ain’t it? So I called the clinic and the nurse arranged for an appointment.

Now my husband is away saving all his, um, money. Yes, money, so we can buy a lot of stuff! And I’m here waiting to produce an egg. And if I have an egg and my husband is away saving all his, um, money, I will have to call him to come home right away. “Hey hunny, would you mind coming home and take that 2 and a half hour bus ride to Abu Dhabi because the doctor said I have an egg.”

Life is funny sometimes.


For Egg’s Sake

The 2 tablets of Dostinex (Cabergoline) prescribed to me by my doctor to be taken 1 tablet every 3 days, is already consumed. So I called the clinic to ask what’s the next step. The nurse told me that the doctor said I should book an appointment a day before my 11th or 12th period to check my ovulation.

Okay. This is the difficult part: finding time in my work schedule and the difficulty of asking a colleague for a change in schedule.

I didn’t know producing an egg is that difficult.

Hens have a much easier life than me.😖

Okay, So it’s Not Milk After All…

Today, I called the clinic to talk to the nurse about my blood result and the Doctor’s advice. As expected she forgot to call me back. When she learned that it was me on the line, she was surprised and told me, “oh, did I forget to call you?” I was fighting the urge to be sarcastic. But I kept my composure and tried to be as nice as possible. It was the second time that she forgot to call me back. I asked her what the doctor said. She told me, high Prolactin levels in the blood means a high possibility of infertility.

I kind of expected that. As much as I hate googling some medical problems, I did try looking up in the internet about high levels of Prolactin in the body and what it means before I called her. The terms, anovulation, amenorrhea, and infertility came out. My mind kept on denying it. Internet is a terrible place to look up about any medical problem. I want to hear it from the doctor herself. As soon as I heard from the nurse about what the doctor said, I was devastated. I can’t be infertile.

The nurse said the doctor left me a prescription to inhibit prolactin in my body. I called my husband right away to get the prescription for me. When I came home from work, I found the medicine lying in the dresser. It’s a very small bottle of medicine called Dostinex. It contains 2 tablets to be taken every 3 days. I took it right away after eating.

I really hope that medicine would normalize my prolactin levels. Right, and I thought I was already producing milk.