Keep Calm and Drink Coffee

My cardiologist called me yesterday to tell me my blood result. Thank goodness everything is normal except for my hemoglobin. He said I’m anemic and I need to eat green leafy vegetables. He’s still waiting for my iron result to see if he would prescribed me with supplemental iron.

I don’t bother checking my blood pressure every now and then like before. I don’t want to preoccupy myself with my blood pressure anymore. I’m normal and I’m just stressed, that’s all. I started drinking coffee again. But I’m sticking with my healthy diet. There are just some things that I can’t give up.

After my period, I need to take the antibiotics prescribed to me by my OB for my infection. Then 10 days after the antibiotics, I will see her again for follow up check up.

I need to divert my mind away from the stress of getting pregnant and stress from work. I need a new hobby. Or better yet, I need a vacation. Right, in my dreams.


The Pressure is Up!

I almost thought I was pregnant. My period didn’t arrive early this month. I didn’t have my blood checked for BHCG. But I was almost tempted to buy a pregnancy test kit. There were no usual premenstrual signs. Well, except for some zit popping out of nowhere. But today, without any warning, my period came.

I wasn’t too preoccupied about getting pregnant this month because of my hypertensive episode. Whenever I go for my OB check-up, my BP shoots up. I wasn’t minding it as I wasn’t feeling anything. Besides, I’m thinking it’s either I’m just stressed or I have white coat hypertension, or it could be both. But the nurse told me that I should observe my BP twice a day for a week to see if there’s any difference. Maybe I should go see a Cardiologist.

I borrowed my friend’s BP apparatus and monitored my BP twice a day. Since I was already aware that I may get a high BP, whenever I take my BP, I always get a high result. It’s probably just psychological, or maybe I’m in the “denial” phase of DABDA. I know, I’m already diagnosing myself. I don’t want to see a Cardiologist. I don’t want to take any medications that would lower my BP. I don’t want to depend on any medication. So what I did was, I took it out on my diet. I ate fruits and vegetables, I stopped drinking coffee, I avoided eating oily foods. In short, I started eating healthy. But I have some cheat days, especially if I see that my BP didn’t change. There were times that I get a normal BP. But most of the time, my BP ranges from 150/90 to 130/80.

Now I’m scared to get pregnant. When my BP is this high, I may have preeclampsia.

I don’t know if I should be happy that I didn’t get pregnant this month. My plan to get pregnant will be like, my death sentence if I’m still hypertensive. So, I think I should just leave it all to God then. Maybe He has a better plan.

Living the Life

I welcomed 2011 with a certain degree of profound discipline. I started to run regularly (from 15 minutes to 1 hour everyday), whether it’s my day off or work day. Being exhausted from work did not prevent me from running. In fact, running after work hours kind of give me the boost in uplifting my mood and relaxing my body. I began to work out (just some tummy exercises because that’s where most of my stored fat comes from). About the food, well, I try to moderate what I eat. I eat what I want to eat but my rule is: no eating at night. That rule was put to test when I had my night duty. I made sure to eat plenty during the day so I won’t get hungry during the night but then I guess when you’re awake (or trying to stay awake), your stomach sends confusing messages to your brain’s hunger center that it needs to eat. So I that’s when I give in. I mean, why not? The more you prevent yourself from eating, the more hungry you become and the end result would be eating more than what is needed. So I changed my strategy and tried to eat small portions of food and then drink lots of water. I don’t follow any particular diet regimen because it gets frustrating when you can’t follow it religiously. So I try to develop my own weight loss plan that I can stick to. As long as you know the basics about food and exercise then I guess you can never go wrong. So far I never went back to more than 50 kg and that’s good enough for a 5-feet (tall) girl like me. I’m not doing this to lose more weight. I’m doing this so I won’t gain weight. If I become thinner, I’d look older.

Aside from keeping myself fit and healthy, I started to rekindle my interest in watching TV series. I downloaded all of the TV series worth watching and watch as many episodes as I can during my day off. My books are still there, and I read when I’m not watching. And yes, my eyesight is working perfectly. You may think I have a boring life but this is the way I enjoy spending my time. I’m in between indoorsy and outdoorsy type of person who doesn’t socialize much but prefers a small crowd I can be comfortable around with. I still go out with my friends like everybody does. We go to places, hang out, eat out, have fun, but those things doesn’t define how I live my life.

I have paid all my debts in 2010, and in the beginning of 2011, my bank account is now happy. Delaying my gratification truly paid off.

With regards to how life treats me, I learned how to bend to difficulties and accept the things as it present itself. It’s still hard but isn’t it supposed to be that way?

My checklist is almost complete. My career is still hanging on a thin rope and I still have no idea where I’m going but I know it has a strong possibility that everything will finally fall into place. And my so-called love life, well, it’s finally happening…:-)

This has been my life away from home. And I think I’m doing a pretty good job. 🙂