The Case of an Unpriced Condom

February 19, 2006

I was with Jess the other day at Watson’s buying toiletries when he pointed to a teenage girl at around 16 or 17 in the condoms section. The girl was rummaging through the condoms looking confused and couldn’t decide what to get. Then she approached a saleslady holding a red-packed condom asking how much it cost in the most subtle way. The dumb saleslady looked at the condom in the back and in the front (my hump, my hump…), scratched her head then shouted at another saleslady on the other side of the aisle,

“Hey, how much does this condom cost?! Do you know?!”

Most of the customers turned to look at the saleslady and the teenage girl who turned as red as a beet. The other saleslady at the end of the aisle shouted back,

“It’s P23.50!”

Jess and I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation and felt embarrassed for the girl at the same time. 🙂