Ella’s Bookshelf

   I’ve been chatting with my Nursing school college friends on Facebook messenger group chat, when I just suddenly told them to read a book which is highly recommended by Ella’s Bookshelf. I just coined the term without giving any thought about it. My friend seemed to find the name a bit catchy and told me why not start a blog and name it Ella’s Bookshelf. I quickly waved it off and thought that I don’t even have enough time to read much less to blog. I mean, I do have THIS blog, which I rarely visit. How can I even start a new one? Although it’s a really nice idea. Then my friend talked about writing a review about the books I’ve read and they will just visit my blog to see which books are highly recommended by me. Then another friend replied and she seemed excited about the idea of a new blog. 

Ella’s Bookshelf. I do have a lot in mind on what to write.  Now I’m thinking about it. It makes a lot of sense to write a review on every book that I read. I’m not after the viewers, the stats, or the number of visitors who leave a comment. I’m a very, very private person. I just want to write my thoughts whenever I feel like it. 

Now my problem is, how do I start?


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