Ever since I started reading the books of Robin Sharma, watched his videos on Youtube while preparing for work, I began feeling less stressed.

There are too many distractions to keep you from finding your inner self. Most of our time are taken away by technology, by our problems, and other things that are bugging our minds. It’s so easy to complain and stay in our comfort zone. We fail to realize that once life gets harder, it means you’re leveling up, and when you surpass that level, it feels great. Achieving something takes hard work. Nothing comes easy. We must learn to see hardships not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to grow and learn more about life.

Life is beautiful. In all sense of the word, I have finally realized what it means. In order to see it’s beauty, avoid all the unnecessary clutter in your life and try to focus on what’s more important. We must live in simplicity. Too many choices can deplete your mind. Did you ever experience buying something and when you get to the store, you are faced with so many choices that you spend so much time choosing what you really want?

We must practice self-discipline. We must learn to master our thoughts. And in order to achieve that, we must eliminate all the unnecessary clutter that distract us.

Have a nice day.


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