He died.

The couple’s Cerebral Palsy child got sick on the day of his 7th birthday and they had to rush him to the hospital.

The wife got sick one day, when she went to the mall. I found her husband taking care of the child and asked about her wife. He said, she had to go to the mall that’s why he’s the one taking care of their child.

The next day, I saw the wife sleeping on the floor with a face mask. She’s usually sleeping beside her child. The husband said, her wife is sick. He had to be absent from work in order to take care of their child while his wife went to the hospital for check up.

Of course, the husband cannot be absent from work for a long time. The wife had to take care of the child even if she was sick.

Two days later, the child was rushed to the hospital.

It was his 7th birthday. My husband cooked a special dish for him. The others bought cake. But when we came home, the wife told us they were in the hospital because their child is sick.

I received the news an hour before my shift was finished. I came home with the flat filled with people offering their condolences to the bereaved couple. I went straight to the wife and hugged her.

He’s gone.


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