I wish home is just a blink away. That whenever I feel sad, mad, or stressed out, in a blink of an eye I’m transported back to home. A home away from all the insecurities in life. A quiet and simple place where you can feel at peace with yourself, away from all the madness, competetion, jealousy, greed and all the other earthly desires that make each person lose the uniqueness it possessed. The world where we live in is too overwhelming and over-empowering that we easily lose our energy. We live in a world where the need to outrun each other is so common that when you get to the end of the line, you feel that you are being looked down upon. And the need to get back at the top is so strong that you drive yourself crazy. Then you feel helpless, hopeless, and dejected when everything else fails and you crumble back down.

I don’t like going with the flow. It’s just too overwhelming. I just tend to stop and see the world in a blur. Everyone’s in a hurry. Everyone seems to be in some kind of a race. And I just stand there wondering where the hell am I supposed to go?

Home. A special place away from it all. That’s where I want to go.

I wanna go home.


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