Simple Joys

I asked my husband that we attend the first friday mass today as I haven’t been a good Catholic the last time we went to church together.

He woke up early and asked if I want breakfast. I said I want some french toast. Since he doesn’t know how to make it, I volunteered to do it. Ever since we moved in to this new flat, I haven’t been able to cook anything for him. So I made some french toast, fried some hotdogs, popped open a can of Hunt’s baked beans, brewed some coffee and served it in bed, just to make up for my bad behavior 3 days ago.


After breakfast (which he enjoyed very much if I may add), we prepared for church. The church was crowded with Filipinos (as we attended the Filipino mass). The priest gave a very nice homily. After the mass, we went grocery shopping then headed home.

It was a very relaxing day. He cooked and I washed the dirty laundry. Then he started ironing our clothes while I fell asleep. When I woke up, he finished ironing and I started cleaning our room.

Now, he’s watching a movie on the internet while I’m typing nonsense, boring gibberish.

I love our simple life together. This is one of the things I’m always looking forward to after a tiring day at work. We’re still praying for our own little bundle of joy, but if it’s not the time yet, I guess all we need is to be thankful for having this wonderful life together.

And this is how I end my day.


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