Once Upon a Time…and So the Story Goes.

As far as I can remember, I was always amazed with story-telling. My older sister would tell me stories at night before we go to sleep and I would be wide awake thinking about the story until I fall asleep. My Dad would let us watch Disney cartoons and would watch it repeatedly and I would never get tired of it. My Mom bought this audio book, Aesop’s fables and I would listen to it everyday until I would know each stories by heart. When I learned how to read, I would rummage through my sister’s and my brother’s bookshelf and open each book and would stay in their rooms with a book in my hands, immersed at the stories the book reveals. I would browse at my Mom’s collection of pocketbooks, Reader’s Digest, my Dad’s collection of Filipino novels, even our set of encyclopedia never fails to escape my curiosity. Each book, no matter what the subject is, be it Mathematics or Science, gives a story and teaches us a lesson.

I am not very particular with stories on how it is delivered (movies, books, audio, story-telling), as long as it catches my attention and brings me to places. Until now, just reading “once upon a time” keeps me attentive. anything that starts with a story would keep me concentrated.

I love stories. It keeps me happy and excited. It keeps my imagination intact.

And that’s how my love for story-telling started.



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