The Pressure is Up!

I almost thought I was pregnant. My period didn’t arrive early this month. I didn’t have my blood checked for BHCG. But I was almost tempted to buy a pregnancy test kit. There were no usual premenstrual signs. Well, except for some zit popping out of nowhere. But today, without any warning, my period came.

I wasn’t too preoccupied about getting pregnant this month because of my hypertensive episode. Whenever I go for my OB check-up, my BP shoots up. I wasn’t minding it as I wasn’t feeling anything. Besides, I’m thinking it’s either I’m just stressed or I have white coat hypertension, or it could be both. But the nurse told me that I should observe my BP twice a day for a week to see if there’s any difference. Maybe I should go see a Cardiologist.

I borrowed my friend’s BP apparatus and monitored my BP twice a day. Since I was already aware that I may get a high BP, whenever I take my BP, I always get a high result. It’s probably just psychological, or maybe I’m in the “denial” phase of DABDA. I know, I’m already diagnosing myself. I don’t want to see a Cardiologist. I don’t want to take any medications that would lower my BP. I don’t want to depend on any medication. So what I did was, I took it out on my diet. I ate fruits and vegetables, I stopped drinking coffee, I avoided eating oily foods. In short, I started eating healthy. But I have some cheat days, especially if I see that my BP didn’t change. There were times that I get a normal BP. But most of the time, my BP ranges from 150/90 to 130/80.

Now I’m scared to get pregnant. When my BP is this high, I may have preeclampsia.

I don’t know if I should be happy that I didn’t get pregnant this month. My plan to get pregnant will be like, my death sentence if I’m still hypertensive. So, I think I should just leave it all to God then. Maybe He has a better plan.


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