A Month Of Unfortunate Events

I think I’ve finally gotten used to being alone on the week days and being with my husband only on the weekends. But this week, I don’t have any more weekend days off and this stress of thinking that I won’t be seeing much of my husband when he comes home is kind of getting into me.

That’s why I wasn’t too keen on my day off yesterday. I’ll be sleeping until afternoon and waking up knowing that my husband is not scheduled to come home not until the weekend. I slept after chatting with my best friend G. I woke up late, stared into space, too lazy to do anything. My husband isn’t coming home. He told me he still have one more day before the Eid holiday. I’ll be back to work by the time he comes home.

I didn’t have the energy even to eat. I started to warm up by doing the laundry. At the kitchen, the flat owner, who is also my colleague and friend, left me a cheese cake at the table, which I ate, then I made a coffee to match. That got me going so I started cleaning the kitchen as well. After doing the laundry, I decided to clean our room. See, a clean house makes me feel relaxed. I cleaned the bathroom afterwards then took a long and relaxing hot shower.

My husband didn’t call. I just received a text message telling me he already arrived in their flat in Dubai. I didn’t notice the time either as I was busy ironing our clothes and watching Friends which I downloaded from the internet. It was almost 11pm when I finished. No calls from my husband. Maybe he’s asleep.

I went to bed and started Googling about convalidation of marriage in the catholic church. I was so stressed about our planned church wedding that I’m having second thoughts about it. It isn’t practical but a part of me wanted to splurge and have a simple but memorable church wedding with our family. I discussed it with my friends. Some said it isn’t practical. We’re already married. Some said it’s something that should be celebrated and that my husband and I should loan money in the bank if we want to have a really nice wedding.

I discussed it with my husband. At first he wasn’t really sure if we should schedule our church wedding on our vacation. Then he called me back telling me that we should just go right ahead and get married in church. Well, between planning to have a baby and planning a church wedding, we really need a great amount of money. How do you spell stress?

About the baby thing, I’ve finally accepted that we didn’t make it this month. What else do we have to do but try again? I’m gonna have to learn not to think about it too much. It will come in time.

As I was contemplating on so many things, I heard the front door open. The flat owner is here. I heard some scuttle in the kitchen. She’s probably looking for something to eat. Then I was surprised when the door to our room slowly opened. I thought maybe she needs something. But then I had the surprise of my life when I saw my husband grinning from ear to ear.

My jaw dropped. I was still staring at him. I couldn’t believe it. I asked him why he went home. This was unexpected. Then he told me to come and see what he’s brought. I went out and saw his luggage. I looked at him with inquisitive eyes. He laughed and said he’s assigned to Abu Dhabi starting tomorrow. I was like a child jumping up and down then I hugged him so tight I still couldn’t believe I was hearing this. He’s home!

This month may have been a series of unfortunate events (my husband being away from me and not having a baby), but hey, who said it wouldn’t be okay?


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