What Ends a Statement? Period.

Warning: This may come out as gross or a little TMI to you but I have to talk about this as I am writing a journal about my planned pregnancy. Read at your own risk.

I have an irregular period. Before, it will take more than a month before my next period comes or it will take more than a week before my period stops. I have hormonal imbalance and I have been taking contraceptive pills to normalize my hormones. But that was only for 3 or 6 months. Then I will have my regular OB check up: to check my hormone levels and everything. After the pills, I still have an irregular period but at least I’m having it monthly. That was when I was still single, and that’s when I learned that I have PCOS. My doctor was urging me to get pregnant right away but I can’t because Jess and I were still studying in college at that time.

My period came a bit early this month. I took this hormone pills (Progyluton) my doctor prescribed last August and my period came after 28 days. Before September, I had my next period and I took Dostinex (Cabergoline) to normalize my Prolactin levels. After 26 days, my period came. That’s a lot of period, I know. It’s like having this bloody month not once, but twice. But wait, there’s more! As advised, I was to report to the clinic on the 11th or 12th day of my period to see if I have produced an egg. Funny, ain’t it? So I called the clinic and the nurse arranged for an appointment.

Now my husband is away saving all his, um, money. Yes, money, so we can buy a lot of stuff! And I’m here waiting to produce an egg. And if I have an egg and my husband is away saving all his, um, money, I will have to call him to come home right away. “Hey hunny, would you mind coming home and take that 2 and a half hour bus ride to Abu Dhabi because the doctor said I have an egg.”

Life is funny sometimes.


4 thoughts on “What Ends a Statement? Period.

  1. Hey Ella.. Money/ Mani huh!lol ! Its amazing to see how high spirited you are ..I thought making a baby was easy but Girl! Was I wrong! I’m in the same boat as you except for I’m on the verge of giving up.. My Doctor had just prescribed me with (Progyluton)! Even though all of my blood tests came out good! She told me too , to come back to her on the 11th day..I sure hope this damn egg will be there by then ! Lol!!
    Well, the funny thing is , this is my 2nd day on the pill n today , I had a bright ‘ 🙂 ‘ ( smiley ) face on the OPK!!
    Is this weird?? I don’t know if it could be a false alarm .. Well, the main reason I’m on the pill is due to my extreme short cycles (20 days).. So it’s a challenge for me..
    Thankfully for me..hubby’s from Abu dhabi the minute I want him, he’s only 25 mins away Good luck to u .. N fingers crossed! Lotsa baby dustssss to you!!

    • Hi!

      Boy, I thought I had this blog abandoned & covered with cobwebs so I was surprised to see someone commented on an old post.

      I stopped writing on this blog because I don’t want to think about pregnancy anymore because the more I think about it, the more it seems that I get stressed and nothing happens.

      I still get depressed every month when my period comes. I took a lot of pills the Doctor prescribed, even Clomid, but nothing happened. I changed doctors & no one can see anything wrong with me. Well, except for the occasional PCOS which resolves in time, I have my regular period & still ovulating every month.

      I gave up. If God will bless us with a baby, I know it”s on His own time. I still get sad that I was still not able to conceive but I try to see beyond that. I have a very wonderful husband who loves me so much. I have a nice career & a loving family.

      Good luck on your TTC journey. I hope God will grant us both with a little bundle of joy that we’ve both been waiting for.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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