I Have Milk!

After 12 days of having my blood test (TSH and Prolactin), I was wondering why the nurse didn’t call me for the results yet when she promised me she’d call after 3 or 5 days. Well, I’m a very patient girl and I’m thinking, maybe it’s not ready yet. But hey, who are they kidding? The nurse definitely forgot to call me back.

So as soon as I wake up today, I dialed the clinic’s number and requested to speak with my Doctor’s nurse. Then she said she will call me back to check the results. I didn’t even mention that she didn’t call me after 3 or 5 days like she promised. But I waited for her call. After 5 minutes she called me back. She said my TSH is normal but my Prolactin is high. Okay, so my memory is kinda rusty at the moment but I have an inkling that Prolactin has something to do with the milk production. I asked the nurse what does it mean having a high Prolactin, expecting a different answer. She said I have a high milk production.

(blank face)

Is she kidding? I mean, should I be happy? I’m not even a mother yet but I have the capacity to breastfeed? Then she asked, “you want to get pregnant, right?” What does having an increase milk production got to do with getting pregnant? A lot of things are going on in my head right now and I almost didn’t hear her say that she will show the results to my doctor tomorrow because she forgot. There you go.

If I hadn’t called, my next period will arrive and I still haven’t started taking my fertility pills yet.

But I forgive you nurse. I understand because I’m a nurse myself. But I also want to be a mother soon. So please, don’t be so forgetful next time, okay?

I still cannot believe I have an increase milk production.😓


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