The Return Of the Dead Blog

I have been markedly absent. Thinking of ways to rekindle this flickering love affair with writing.  I feel compelled to blog.

But where do I start?

Well, I’ve been married for almost 7 months. How is life treating me? I have to say, I have my own share of ups and downs. It’s not always easy but I’m happy for the way things are turning out.  I finally learned how to cook (Yay!). My husband saw how I transformed from an angel to a monster in a span of 5 seconds during my bouts of PMS. He had a hard time, I know. Poor guy. He’s just so clueless trying to understand my mood swings. But, he’s a very patient guy and I love him for that. We’re still waiting (patiently) for a baby to come. It’s really stressful when all of our friends are asking about it and I see my other friends getting pregnant and having babies. I didn’t know that that would be the second stage after, when-are-you-getting-married phase. I try not to think about it too much because I’ll just end up questioning myself. For now, my husband and I are just trying to enjoy our married life minus the baby. It will come in time.

Work consumes the most out of me. I usually come home tired and cranky. Being a Nurse is a really, really stressful job. It burns me out easily. But it finally paid off. I got an increment in my salary (Yay!). That’s why I’m glad I finally had my annual vacation leave. I got to see my family for a brief period of 25 days. It wasn’t really enough but it’s all worth it.

Right now, I have books waiting to be read, recipes to try out, downloaded movies and TV series to watch, and keeping in shape by running again. Hopefully, I could try to write even just a few notes on this blog every now and then. I intend to keep this personal blog as my Pensieve or like a diary of some sort.

I think that’s it for today. 🙂


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