An Attempt to Lose Weight

This whole marriage thing made me stop my running routine and diet. I lost 6 kg before my marriage (from 52 kg to 46 kg). When my would-be-husband saw me, he said I don’t look good. I looked better with my chubby cheeks. But my chubby cheeks came with a 3-layered bulging tummy and a multiple tiny dimpled legs and arms. Could I just puff my cheeks then if it makes him so happy?

My husband wants me to eat healthy. By healthy, in his own definition, it means eating rice three times a day excluding the snacks in between meals. Well, he succeeded.  In his first attempts to make me eat dinner (I only eat breakfast & lunch), I had stomach cramps every night, which gradually disappeared. Now, I can’t go to bed without having dinner. My running routine has been replaced with our afternoon walks to the grocery store buying junk foods. I didn’t notice I’m slowly gaining weight, until I wore my favorite jeans and suddenly I couldn’t  sit without the bulges showing on my tummy. When I weighed myself, I am now 50 kg.

Then I went home to the Philippines…

…and came back to Abu Dhabi with more bulges in my body. (I don’t even wanna know how much I weigh..)

Now, I promise myself not to heed to my husband’s attempts to fatify me.

I will:

– Get rid of our snack bar which consists of junk foods & chocolates and replace it with fruits instead.

– Run every afternoon for 2 hours during days off and 30 minutes every after work.

– Eat rice only once a day.

– Drink lots of water.

– Cook healthy meals.

I seriously need to get back in shape. And I hope my husband will do the same.

To losing weight! And puffing cheeks!


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