The Wonders of Vick’s Vaporub

I can’t tolerate bad smell. That’s a fact. When taking a taxi, I don’t have any idea which driver has a strong body odor, so it’s like taking chances, really.

One time, I rode a taxi and before my butt could even rest on the back seat, the driver’s smell nearly knocked me out. And I couldn’t back out. It would be rude.

Luckily, I brought my Vick’s vaporub with me which I quickly rummaged through my bag while holding my breath. At last when I found it, I inhaled it like an addict. The menthol in Vick’s temporarily blocked the driver’s strong odor. But then, the driver decided to rest both of his arms behind his head while waiting for the traffic light and my nose suddenly made a quick dive in to my Vick’s vaporub. I was practically inhaling the glob of Vicks. The driver must think I’m crazy or something. I feel like vomiting anytime so applied some Vick’s inside my nose then continued inhaling my pot of Vick’s. I don’t care how I looked or how shiny my nose is as long as I can breathe properly without the bad odor.

When I reached my destination, I almost fell down while trying to literally escape from the taxi.

It was one hell of a taxi ride.


3 thoughts on “The Wonders of Vick’s Vaporub

  1. BO is the national smell here and if you cover your nose, it’s an insult. They would start talking in their language and you never know what shit they are telling. You can just imagine how hard it is to breathe. Their body odor drills a hole inside your brain.

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