Post-Wedding Update


I got married.

Did I really?

Well, that’s what I felt after we said our vows, put the rings on our fingers, and kissed. Is that it?

I felt a kind of tingle when we’re both gazing into each others eyes while saying our vows, but was a little bit distracted when Gemma and my other witness started posing for the camera while we’re in the middle of saying I do, like, this moment has to be captured on camera and people will see that they’re a part of it.

The good thing about having an embassy wedding is that, we don’t have to conform to traditions. After the wedding, since it was still Ramadan at that time, we searched the place for an open food chain to order takeout. We woke up early and no one was able to eat something before heading to the embassy. I woke up early because my eyes were swollen from too much crying the night before, when I realized I’m getting married without my family on my side. So I had to press some ice cubes on my eyes for the swelling to subside, 2 hours before the wedding. The swelling did subside a bit and I don’t know how to put on make-up so I looked like I just woke up and decided to get married and headed straight to the embassy wearing a birthday girl dress. After searching for hours for an open food chain, we finally settled on Marrybrown, went back to Gemma’s flat.

We had to wait till after Iftar before we can proceed to our wedding dinner. So Jess and I started calling our family to update them on our wedding. I messaged my bestfriends on FB and everyone was happy for me (because probably I’m the only one left among the group who isn’t married yet) and I got numerous messages from other people (mostly relatives) telling me how surprised they were of learning that I got married without even a clue. One was even asking if it was just a spur of the moment thing that I decided to get married without informing my family and relatives. Whoa! Getting married is really that complicated, huh? I assured them that I will have my church wedding in the Philippines after 2 years and that they are all invited. Then came the replies of, “Why wait for 2 years? Blah, blah, blah!”


Makes me think twice of getting married in the church and inviting all of my relatives. I told my Mom that when I get married in the church, I will only invite a few of my relatives. I will only invite those who are close to me and I will get married somewhere far so that they will not be able to come. Damn FB…

Anyway, the wedding dinner was a blast. My wedding guests composed of friends and colleagues whom I only met here in UAE. I celebrated a very special day of my life with people whom I only met for barely more than a year, while the others I met for only months. Isn’t that amazing? And yet, these people became my family away from home. There was no wedding program whatsoever. Almost everyone has a SLR camera that’s why I didn’t have to hire a photographer. We received a lot of presents including our honeymoon venue. I nearly cried at the end of the dinner. I maybe miles away from home but my new friends made me feel like I’m home.

So that’s it for my post-wedding update. 🙂


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