Am I Really Married?

I’ve been married for…(counting) 18 days to be exact.

But I still don’t feel like I’m married. Is that normal?

Well, for my part, a day after the wedding, my husband had to drop me back to my flat because I have to go to work the next day and he had to go back to his accommodation also. Our living situation is too complicated that’s why I don’t want to elaborate further. Just like before, we only get to see each other when my day off coincides with his day off, otherwise, we’ll not be able to see each other.

When we went to this hotel for our honeymoon, the reservation was made under my husband’s name and the receptionist was asking for my husband’s original passport or Emirates ID. Since he’s still 4 months living in UAE, he still doesn’t have an Emirates ID and his original passport is with his company. So the receptionist told us that he will just transfer our reservation under my name. When everything was settled and I saw the receipt, the reservation was really under my name: MR. and MRS. GONZALES.

That’s also the thing. I can’t change my name and signature immediately because all of my identification are all under my “maiden” name. Whenever I try to sign something then realized I’m supposed to be using my husband’s name, my signature would looked funny as I’m signing RAGonIlagan. Why does everything turns complicated when a woman gets married?

We’re working out on living together. Seeing each other when our days off coincide is okay. It’s being apart after being together is what’s hard for us both.

I wonder how long it will take before I can finally feel that I’m really married?


2 thoughts on “Am I Really Married?

  1. Hi, Ella! =)

    I can relate to your experience as well. The reality of “being” married didn’t also get into me up until I was asked to provide my signature (married surname) while renting a video (haha!), because my husband wanted me to be in his membership extension list. I think I had to rewrite it for like 3 times!

    [You may find it kinda weird but I have this thing when writing in cursive… shall I say there are letters in the alphabet that I find quite difficult to write (as in OMG! ang panget ng sulat ko! hahaha)]

    So going back to my signature, my married surname starts with letter “V” and ends with letter “Z”, both of which are not on my fave letters of the alphabet. 😛

    It’s been 12years since then and I must say that my signature turned out to be nicely written anyway.

    There it is, my first few weeks of myself thinking — “am I really married”?
    Thank for sharing your post. It brought back some crazy yet happy feelings.

    Cheers to a blissful married life! =)

  2. Hi Ba-ann! It’s nice to see someone reading my boring no-one-reads blog. 😀 Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well. I’ve been married for 6 months now but I’m still using my “maiden”name. It’s hard to change it because all of my identification cards are still under my “maiden” name. I asked my married friends about it and they advised me that I can change my signature once I have at least 1 valid ID with my married name on it. Otherwise, when I sign a paper using my husband’s surname and they ask for an ID, I couldn’t just bring my marriage contract every time, right? So, there. It still irks me though that being married is so much complicated for a woman. I’m thinking of continuously using my “maiden”name though. I don’t know. Well, let’s just wait and see. Aawww…I suddenly missed blogging. But with my schedule and all coupled with my laziness, nothing comes up. I hope one day, I could start writing again. 🙂

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