Just when I’m about to get married, I’m eating like a Hungry Bird, ehehehe, lame joke. Seriously. When Jess and I go out and there’s no open restaurant (because it’s Ramadan), we end up going to the grocery store buying all the food we could get our hands on. It’s like going to a buffet restaurant filling up your plate with everything on the table. As they say, don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry because you’ll just end up buying food.

After stuffing my mouth with double chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, and sandwiches yesterday, I suddenly stopped and told Jess we should go jogging. We’re getting married in 2 days and here we are, competing on who will look the most bloated on our wedding day. So I dropped my nth cookie, changed into my jogging outfit, and ran like crazy.

It must be stress. Stress-eating? I’m not stressed because I’m marrying Jess. I’m stressed, I think, because of  the things we have to go through just to get married. It’s just an embassy wedding, I know. So what am I so fuzzy about? I don’t know. Maybe dealing with a lot of people, having to go through the phase of preparing to get married, or maybe I’m just thinking too much. Gemma said I’m not even having a church wedding yet and I’m acting like this is all too much. I know. Honestly, I’m a very private person. I don’t socialize much. I hate attending formal occasions. Imagine all the things I hate doing, I’m doing now just because. I’m used to being just the audience. Now I’m the center of attention. And that’s what’s making me nervous.

I will let you in on a secret. I have a terrible tantrum and that’s what I’m afraid of. When I don’t like how things work out, I throw a tantrum like a 3-year old kid, cry and act like somebody just messed with me and that you should do something to redeem myself or else I won’t stop crying till I get what I want. If I try to keep myself from crying, I’ll just pout and not say anything until someone asks me what’s wrong and that’s when I burst out crying.

I know, I’m making things too complicated. Tomorrow I’m getting married. My hair will cooperate with me and it will look perfect on my wedding day. My pimples will take a vacation and will leave my face spotless. My dress would still fit me despite the 3-day pigging out with junk food.  Tomorrow, I will be the prettiest bride at the embassy. Tomorrow, me and my friends are going to have fun on my after-the-wedding party. Tomorrow will be perfect. 🙂


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