If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Make it Fit

I asked him to go shopping with me yesterday. He’s a good shopping buddy. But he keeps on telling me I should go shopping with the girls because men & women have different fashion sense. What can I do? I said. All of my girl friends are at work and I only have 3 days free time to shop. Besides, I’m too picky I’d end up not being able to buy anything.

Whenever I ask him if the shoes match my dress, he’d shake his head in disagreement. “Can I just wear flats?” I asked. “Don’t,” he said. “We’ll find you the thick-heeled shoes” (wedge). “I know you can’t walk in those pointed heels.” Then he started acting like a homosexual telling me he knows all about girl’s fashion.

I was so exhausted I told him we should just go home. But he said we won’t go home until we found a pair of shoes for my dress. I don’t really have much patience shopping for high-heeled shoes. They’re just deadly weapons created to give blisters and leg cramps. But then he found this simple, single strap, ankle tie, white wedges that perfectly matches my dress. I asked for a size 6. It was a little bit loose. So I asked for a size 5. Unfortunately, size 6 is their smallest size. I just wanna cry. Why do I have to have small feet?

I tried it on and walked. It’s a little bit loose but it’s not that noticeable. I guess it will do. I can just give it away to one of my sisters after the wedding.

Problem number 3 solved.


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