The List

Oh, what the heck.

Jess and I went out the other day going from one restaurant to another to book an after-the-wedding party only to find out that the date we prefer is already booked. Dilemma.

It must be a sign! Don’t invite anyone on your after-the-wedding party!


So we went to this all-you-can-eat restaurant (as originally planned) to reserve a few seats for our chosen guests (as we decided not to invite a lot of people anymore). I immediately fell in love with the place. It was cozy and a little bit dim. It has a friendly atmosphere and gives a feeling of togetherness. The price was just right for the budget. We could even invite 30 persons. And the good news is, the date is available.

So I already informed my closest friends to save the date. It’s so hard to keep it a secret. I can’t talk to my closest friends when my other colleagues are around asking about my reception. I can’t tell them there’s no reception and even if there is, you’re not invited. Whenever someone asks, I just keep mum and the effort I exert just to explain why I’m not having a wedding reception is so fake one would guess even from a distance that I’m lying. Okay, I’m a terrible liar, so what?

Finally, Jess and I made a list of the people we’re thinking of inviting. The list got longer and longer. Why? We cannot invite this person without inviting this other person. Or, if we invite this person, we’re automatically inviting 5 persons. Or, if we invite this person, the other person would know she’s not invited.We cannot invite the ex-husband and wife. It’s either we invite the ex-wife or the ex-husband. We have to invite her because she would know on Facebook that she wasn’t invited.

This guest list is driving me nuts! Why don’t we invite all our friends in Facebook as well? Aaaaargh!

Jess said maybe we could stretch our budget a little bit more because we’re not even sure if the people we’re going to invite could attend. This is our wedding day and we should be celebrating it with the people who had become a part of our life.

Okay. Breathe in. Breathe out.

I just wish it would be over soon.

We’ll see.


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