How to Outsmart Kids, Any Ideas?

Children nowadays are so smart it leaves the adult wondering where they’re supposed to find the answers to their questions.

I was watching Daria in my room when Denden came in and wants to play “school.”

Denden: Ninang, pretend you’re my teacher and I’m going to school, okay?

Me: (Nods while my eyes are glued on my laptop screen.)

Denden: What are you watching?

She didn’t wait for my answer and just plopped on my bed and watched Daria with me.

There were scenes on Daria that needed parental guidance so I thought I should warn her.

Me: Denden, you’re not supposed to watch that.

Denden: Why? I like it, and you’re watching it too.

Me: Yeah, but that’s not for children. It’s for big girls like me. You’re only supposed to watch Mickey Mouse and stuff like that.

Denden: Why? You like Hello Kitty and I like Hello Kitty also.

Well, I didn’t know how to answer her.

Me: Um, that’s different.

Denden: How come?

Me: Go to Nay-nay!

Gosh…it’s so hard to argue with children.


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