A Visit to an Old Friend ~ Oh, I have a Blog!

My blogging skills became rusty as I don’t get much inspiration to write anymore. Hence, an abandoned blog site. Most of the time, when I’m driven to write, my mind works nonstop. Whenever I observe something funny or interesting, I try to remember to write something about it. But as most bloggers, being on blog hiatus is inevitable. I truly admire those bloggers who can still write regularly. I don’t gain anything (monetary) on blogging. I just do it to satisfy myself, as I love to write down the things that are running on my mind.

So what happened in the past 3 months?

April: (1 month local leave)

1. I had to study for IELTS for the renewal of my Visascreen Certificate.

2. Jess arrived and got a job as an Architect.

3. BFF’s Heidi & Sharon moved to my flat.

4. Cut my waist-length hair to shoulder-length hair.


May: (Back to work and 2 kg heavier)

1. Another year is added to my age, which is conflicting because I’ve stopped aging *cough!* (Seriously, I’ve stopped counting).

2. Had to struggle another LDR, which is funny because I thought we’d be together when he got here. (But seeing each other 3x a week is better than seeing each other once or twice a month).

3.  Back to running and some other things: badminton, rollerblading.

4. Got sick: cough + low-grade fever + malaise

5.  Got my IELTS result with flying colors. 😉


June: (Do I hear bells?)

1. Plans (getting married &/or getting pregnant?)

2. Facing problems (cold feet? fear of being tied down? leaving my friends, [foster]family & roommates?) ~I still can’t get used to us being together.

3. My career misfortune will be over soon (hurrah for positive insight!) as I’m waiting to be transferred to another ward, leaving my Pediatric/Female family.

4. Still anxious at what the future will bring.


Is that 3 months already? Boring, ain’t it?



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