Pasta (English)-n. noodles/Pasta (Tagalog)- n. dental filling

My flatmate was cooking pasta and it looked yummy so I wasn’t able to prevent my thoughts from coming out.

“It looks delicious,” I said.

Then I realized I sounded like I’m asking for a taste and confirmed I did when she said, “I’ll let you try some.”

“No,no! I didn’t mean it that way! It just looks delicious,” I said.

I think she got offended by it when she said,“It just looks delicious?”

“I’m sure it’s delicious, really,” I said.

Moments have passed. I was in the kitchen washing dishes when she approached me again peering at my face.

Flatmate: “Asan ang ngipin mo? Lalagyan ko ng pasta.” (Where’s your teeth? I’ll put some dental filling.)

Me: “Ha?”

Flatmate: “Yang ngipin mo, lagyan ko ng pasta.” (Your teeth, I’ll put dental filling.)

My face was all contorted and I was thinking if I ever asked her if she knew some Dentist…

Then I realized my mistake. She said PASTA, didn’t she?

Oh my gosh…ahahahaha! This was the actual question:

Flatmate: “Asan pinggan mo? Lalagyan ko ng pasta.” (Where’s your plate? I’ll put some pasta.)

Me: (My thoughts) Ahahahaha! Tanga! (Stupid!)

To regain my composure, I made another mistake by quickly pulling out a plate from my cupboard and gave it to her, just so she wouldn’t realize I didn’t hear her right. But then I realized I looked like I’ve been waiting for her to share the pasta with me. So I made another stupid statement.

Me: “Uy, di ako nanghihingi ah! Baka sabihin mo nanghihingi ako…” (Hey, I didn’t ask you to give ha! Maybe you’re thinking that I’m asking…) Pardon the translation.

Flatmate: Okey lang, marami pa naman.” (It’s okay, there’s plenty of it.)

Seriously, I wasn’t really asking…

My thoughts just turned into words and my ears heard wrong.

But she did peer at my face and I thought she wanted to have a look at my teeth if it needed some dental filling…

I even forgot she cooked pasta.

Then why the hell did I hear her wrong?

Pasta…I don’t need pasta! My teeth are perfectly fine. But you can put it on my plate, thank you.



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