I always get “electrified” whenever I accidentally rubbed someone’s elbow, or when my arm touched the rails of a crib. One time, my colleague and I both felt a sudden jolt when we touched the side of a crib. I was looking for some bare electrical wire that might have been touching the crib but there was none.

Colleague: I remember what my professor said about this energy inside our body. Sometimes you cannot unleash that energy that when you accidentally rub elbows with someone or touch a steel/metal, it feels like you’ve been electrified. Then my professor said, sometimes when a person don’t get sex that often, the energy mounts up.

Me: Oh…so that explains why we got electrified, haha!

Then I saw the material girls (cleaners).

Me: Hey W, can you touch this crib for a while? G and I felt a jolt when we touched it.

W: (Touching the crib with her hands and arms.) What do you mean? There’s nothing here. See? See?

I was laughing so hard that I finally told her what my colleague told me.

W: Oh…(she then touched the crib again.) Oh! It is grounded!



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