Expiration Date

This year, a lot of things are going to expire (including me, ugh!).

I made a list of the things that will expire in chronological order:

~Vermont RN license (done!)

~ PRC licenses (PT and RN)

~ Visa Screen Certificate

Just for my Vermont RN license alone, I spent AED 1,000+ for the license renewal, bank draft fee and the registered mail. I received my renewed license after a week then sent it to my agency’s email.

For my PRC licenses, I already emailed my sister about it.

Today, I received another email from my agency reminding me to start registering for the  IELTS exam because my Visa Screen Certificate is going to expire in 8 months. Preparing for IELTS (register for the exam, schedule a test, study for the test) requires time. And in between work, I know this 8 months is just enough for me to prepare. Now I’m gonna need to spend more money for this. I checked online: the test itself costs AED 875, and if I want to take a preparatory course, it will cost me AED 2,300. The review books I can get at AED 120, not to mention the renewal fee application for the Visa Screen amounting to USD 350.

All this for what? For a Nursing job in the US that I’ve been waiting for 4 years already? 4 years ago, how much did I spend for taking the NCLEX, enrolling in an expensive review center, going to Hongkong for the exam, taking the IELTS, reviewing for the IELTS? I don’t even remember anymore.

I don’t even understand why I need to take the IELTS again. I mean, what if I don’t pass the exam, considering I’m in a broken English country. I (seriously) really need to take an IELTS class.

I found my hospital diary and scribbled all my plans, tasks, notes etc. I never knew I had a lot more to accomplish.

I better start doing something before I run out of time (and money!).


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