The X-Crush

I have this crush on a guy in the radiology department. He has a very nice sense of humor and I’m a sucker for that. Whenever I have a patient for x-ray, he always jokes around.

Then one time, while I was busy running around from one patient room to another, I saw a glimpse of him, pushing a portable x-ray machine towards a patient’s room. I pretended not to see him. I lingered on purpose in one of my patient’s room so that he wouldn’t be there when I come out. I don’t have time for a chat and I don’t want to be disturbed.

Just when I came out of my patient’s room, I was surprised to see him. I almost bumped into the portable x-ray machine. Then he said, “There you are!”

Um, was he just looking for me?

“Oh, hi!” I said. “So you’re here!”

Then he said something I wasn’t able to hear because my mind was in the other patient I was about to see. So I hurried past him, waved goodbye then smiled as soon as he was out of my sight.

Did I just feel butterflies in my stomach?



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