The Girl Who Got Lost (Confidently!)

I was on my way to the lift when a group of (cute) Arab guys asked me where the Maternity ward is. I told them it’s in the third floor, same floor as where I’m headed. So they went to the lift with me. I could barely understand what they were saying so I just read their body language. One guy was holding a passport and some paper. Then another guy asked something which I understood as, if the guy holding the passport brought his marriage certificate. So I figured maybe his wife delivered a baby. I was about to ask if my thoughts were correct when the door opened, so I immediately went out and (confidently) told them, “Here, follow me. It’s the way on your right.” They were still inside the lift peeking. Then one of the guy said, “I thought the Maternity ward is on the 3rd floor. This is only the 2nd floor.”


To compose myself, I just laughed and said, “Oh, is it? Ahahaha! I thought we’re on the 3rd floor already. Hahaha!”

I just made a fool of myself, didn’t I?

So I went inside the lift again and said, “Sorry, I didn’t know somebody pressed 2.”

The guy with the passport smiled and said, “Must be a long day, huh?”

“Well, sort of…”I said, just to hide my embarrassment.

They speak English fluently, by the way.

Even if I know where I’m going, I still get lost…Hmp!


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