The (Desperate?) Housewife

I got a call from one of my best friends in high school, P, asking me how to register for a licensure exam in Pharmacy in Dubai. I was surprised because she’s one of the few people who lives a life that is envied by many. She’s married to a handsome and wealthy pilot who flies the Emirates. She’s a former flight attendant and former beauty queen. She comes from a wealthy family. She was the most popular girl during our high school days. She and her family now lives in a large and spacious villa located in one of the richest neighborhoods in Dubai. She travels the world practically every week with her family. She owns more LV bags than anyone I know. Needless to say, she has everything a girl could ask for.

But why the sudden interest to go back to her previous degree?

Ever since we were in high school, all she ever talked about was her dream to become a flight attendant. But most people say that anyone can work as a flight attendant even if one didn’t finish college. So she pursued taking up Pharmacy in a reputable school in Manila, graduated, passed the local board exam, got her license as a Pharmacist, worked for a couple of months, only to resign and work as a flight attendant just as she had dreamed of.

She had worked for years. She was promoted as a senior flight attendant, met a wealthy pilot and got married. As soon as her husband was hired by the Emirates, her family migrated to Dubai and she became a plain housewife who receives an allowance every month (from her husband) which amounted to her previous monthly salary as a flight attendant. She said it’s only fair that she asked for that kind of money because she gave up her dream to become a plain housewife.

When she asked me how she can register for a licensure exam, my immediate question was, “Why?’

She said she found an ad in the newspaper and she thought why not give it a try?

Maybe she’s bored. Is being a plain housewife boring? She’s got everything. Most people work for a living. Some people work because they love their job regardless of how much salary they receive. But majority of people work because of money. You can contest my statement but I’m on a reality check here baby.

Picture perfect. That’s the life my friend lives. But I guess it ain’t that perfect after all. She still has that longing of wanting to feel successful on her own outside the shadow of her husband. She grew up looking up to her mother for being a successful business woman. Her older sister is working in a big company in the US. She, too, was at the top of her career before she met her husband. I guess she gave up a lot for marriage. And now she’s longing for it.

I searched in the internet on how she can apply for the exam then gave her the instructions through her email. I hope she can fulfill that one thing that makes her feel incomplete.


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