Ready? Set. Run!

Do you ever get the feeling of backing out in the middle of a very important decision?

I don’t believe in signs. I try to be more intellectual and analyze things and find some valid explanation of why things happen. But sometimes, there’s this nagging feeling at the back of your head that no matter how prepared you are, you tend to just stop and listen to your guts no matter how unreasonable it is.

So I hurriedly left the building, with my queue number still pinned on my documents, hailed a taxi and went hospital-hopping instead before going home.

I got the sign since yesterday, when I found the office closed. The logical explanation would be, office schedule is Sunday to Thursday. I came by on a Saturday. Someone have given me the wrong information. I went back the next day and still had the feeling that I’m making the wrong decision. Then I was able to talk to some stranger waiting in queue. I analyzed my decisions and concluded the reason why I’m having second thoughts. I haven’t learn my lesson yet. It’s not worth the risk.

I’m very disappointed with myself. I feel like a coward. I just hope that I made the right decision.


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