Lives of the Single Friends Who Have Married Friends

When you’re single, it’s so hard being friends with married women. I mean, majority of my girlfriends are married, but I also have a couple of single friends I hang around with much more often. See? Much more often.

I have a couple of reasons why I don’t hang out much with my married friends:

1. It’s so difficult to invite them out. They usually have two major reasons: either their husbands won’t allow them or their child is sick. Well, I can understand if a child is sick but a husband who doesn’t allow you to go out with your friends? Is marriage supposed to be a prison?

2. A married girlfriend, more often than not, brings her husband with her or her child for that matter. I have no problem with this, actually. But sometimes, the reason why you’re inviting your married girlfriend out is that you want to bond with her, reminisce the old days, share some gossip, watch a movie, etc. With her husband around, what are you two supposed to talk about that her husband can relate with? Or with her child around, bored, whining, running around, screaming, etc., what else can you do together that doesn’t compromise the needs of the child?

3. When you’re around your married friends, all they talk about are their kids and husbands (or mother-in-law etc.) You just sit around there wondering what you can share that they have but you don’t have. This scenario makes me want to just excuse myself and call my single friends if they can pick me up from this PTA meeting I got lost from.

4. Married girlfriends who whine about their husbands like they’re abusing them, makes you enrage and protective of your girlfriend, then all of a sudden, it’s as if your married friend didn’t say anything bad about him. One lesson I learned from this: single friends are just listeners not meddlers. If your friend talked badly about her husband, don’t say another word. More often than not, your married friend would still choose her husband over you. Sad but true.

5. When you’re out with your married girlfriend in a mall, where do you usually go? Babyshop. Ikea. Toys R Us. Mothercare. Um, and I end up just following her or just browse around children’s clothes wondering if they have my size (and sometimes they do!) When you drag her to shop for some clothes, she’d bail out and say she’d try to lose some weight first before buying new ones. Shopping for new plates and cooking ware isn’t really included in my list when I go to the mall.

6. They have a curfew. It’s either they have to pick up their child from school, or husband will arrive soon, or she’s worried that her child is looking for her, etc.

No offense, I love my married girlfriends to death, but it’s just not the same anymore. I wrote this one because a married girlfriend bailed out on me when she’s supposed to accompany me somewhere as promised. When the reason is her husband or her child, I cannot do anything about it, can I?

I’m not complaining because I’m single and I haven’t experienced what they have experienced (shut up, I know), but it sucks to be taken for granted by married girlfriends.

I love my single life. I love the freedom. I can do anything I want without any restrictions. I can go anywhere without asking for permission. But I also want to be able to spend some quality time with my best gal who is happily married. I don’t buy that crap of married life thingy. It makes us single people look and feel like we’ve been missing out on a lot of things. Well, aren’t they too? 😉


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