Just an Update

Well, ever since my 3 days off when I just stayed in bed feeling sorry for myself, circumstances have occurred that allowed me to become so busy that I wouldn’t have time to think of anything else except work. I’ve been working 4 days straight, 1 day off then 3 days straight and 1 night shift. I didn’t even feel the only day off I had because H & S dragged me to the mall and then I have to wake up early the next day for work.

After work on that day, our colleague M threw a Valentine’s Day party at her villa and we have to wear outfits in shades of red or pink as the theme of the party. There were 3 bottles of Jose Cuervo. I told them I wouldn’t drink because I have to go to work early the next morning. I don’t know what happened, me and the girls were all  having fun that we were able to finish 2 and a half bottles of tequila. Only H and I have work early the next morning so they drove us home (at past 1am). Well, they dragged us home is the more likely description because we could barely walk straight anymore.

I woke up the next morning by a call from one of my colleagues asking why I’m not at work. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was already 7 am. Funny thing is, I learned that H wasn’t able to go to work on time too, so we met at the taxi stand and went to work together, facing the wrath of our in-charge. The moment we stepped inside our ward, we expected the worst. H wasn’t able to take a bath, was still wearing her hair up and still wearing her diamond dangling earrings. I was teasing her that she was able to change her boots, haha! It felt like we were inside the Principal’s office, with our in-charge pointing out our mistakes. She knew we got drunk at the party, she was supposed to be there but she bailed out.

After that gruesome hour inside her office, we went back to work but my mind felt like it’s made out of water creating a wave inside my skull. I vomited 3 times. H and I swore we’ll never drink when we have work the next morning. Ugh! We didn’t even know how we survived that shift.

The following day, we saw our colleagues who went to the party and they were all laughing, recounting the funny things that happened the night of the party. Luckily, our in charge was on her day off so we were able to do whatever we want. It was one hell of a night on Valentine’s Day but it brought us closer to each other.

But it was fun, though. Nah, I don’t regret going to that party. Work is boring.  All work and no play makes a person dull. 😉


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