Not Another (De)Classified Excuse

There is no other valid excuse that I can think of of not running today. It’s my day off, I was able to sleep (I came from night shift), and I was able to chat online with my family earlier. But the thing is, how can I run when all I ate the whole day is a bag of potato chips?

I’m not hungry. I was supposed to cook pancakes but I’ve changed my mind. Then I thought about cooking hot dogs, eggs, and fried rice but I lost my appetite. I tried thinking about mouth-watering food just so I can have the feeling of hunger. But tried as I might, it didn’t work. Am I sick or something? Is there anything psychologically wrong with me?

I’m fond of analyzing things so I’m gonna analyze myself and my so-called eating behavior:

1. I’m alone. Eating alone plays a major factor of not having any appetite. Ever notice how a bag of chips become enticing when shared? Or how you tend to eat a lot when eating together with your friends, colleagues, or family? Eating alone, no matter how delicious or tasty your food is, it just becomes bland and unappetizing.

2. Shifting schedules. Our body clock’s way of telling you how confused it is. When you should be sleeping, you’re awake. When you should be awake, you’re sleeping. When you’re supposed to eat, you don’t feel hungry and vice versa. Now the hunger center in my brain is not doing its job because my body is supposed to be asleep. I bet I’ll finally feel hungry when it’s time for bed. Typical. That’s why there’s this so-called raiding the refrigerator during the night. Ever felt that urge to get up in the middle of the night sleep-walking to your fridge?

3. Eating junk food can suppress the appetite. Have you heard your mother tell you not to eat chips before dinner? Well that’s the reason, I think. It’s the salt. It tricks your body to think that its full because salt causes you to gain unwanted water weight. It pays to listen to your mother (sometimes).

4. Other than the above-mentioned-reasons. Like me, for instance, I just had a chat online with my family. The urge to go home was so strong that I wanted to go home right there and then. My mom and I discussed some valid and invalid reasons of  going home and not going home. She made me think of the consequences of whatever decision I make. I’m torn apart. It’s hard to decide against reason. That’s what probably made me lose my appetite.

If I could turn this event into something that will make people lose weight, by tricking the body to suppress its appetite, I’d be in jail, he he. I don’t want to go teaching people how to become anorexic. I don’t even look like one, so screw it. As much as I’d like to lose some weight, I’d like to have my appetite back. There’s nothing worse than looking malnourished.


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