Just When I Thought I’m Back On Track

I’ve decided to run, right after work like I used to. The wind was very icy indeed and as I walk through the park, I embraced myself to fight the cold. I’m only wearing shirt and my scrub pants. I didn’t bother wearing a jacket because as soon as I started running, I know it would just be useless. So I started running running slowly until I picked up my pace. Glad I don’t feel easily exhausted after not running for how many days. I was able to run nonstop for two laps in 30 minutes. I think my target heart rate is increasing as I don’t feel much exhausted like before. I’m surprised I wasn’t even panting. So after 2 laps, I went home.

Today is our next-room neighbor’s daughter’s birthday and everyone’s inside their room eating. My roommates and the mother of the celebrant were all inviting me to join them but I declined because I just got back to my running routine and I don’t want it to be ruined. As I was doing my tummy exercise, my roommate peeked and told me to come and join them. I said, I don’t want to. I will just eat tomorrow. I know they’re probably thinking that I don’t interact with them socially and that I just stay in our room all day without talking to anyone. Well, it’s not that. When I’m determined to do something, nothing can stop me. I may be a social outcast in their eyes and selfish in a way but I don’t care and I refuse to be labeled as such.

I took a shower, went to bed and faced my laptop. The mother of the birthday celebrant went to our room again and invited me to eat, for the third time. I couldn’t say no. She’s much too nice to decline for the third time so I went there and my two other roommates accompanied me. I don’t want to look like I’m being important or something. I stayed there, had a taste of each dish (I wasn’t that hungry), and joined their conversation. Okay, I thought, forget about gaining some weight. I will just run again tomorrow and maybe add another lap. It’s more important to get to know my neighbors. Besides, I don’t go out of our room that much and I don’t go around and chat with them that often and I think occasions are the best time to interact with them.

When I went back to our room, it’s past my bedtime. I know that the food that I ate will remain undigested until tomorrow and will add up to my weight. Huhuhu! Just when I started to run again…:(


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