Excuses: You Just Never Run Out of It When You’re Too Lazy to Do Anything

Lately, I’ve been neglecting my running routine. Ever since I had my period, rained in Abu Dhabi, had some bad day, started working in night shift, I find all the excuses not to run. I wasn’t prepared about this having a period thing when running. I researched about it on the internet but I guess my body gives the best answer: it’s not comfortable enough to run. Well, I tried to run on the first day of my period but the rain prevented me from doing it so it must be a sign not to overwork my body. Besides, this menstrual cramps I get makes me think twice about running. On night shifts, I tried waking up one hour before shower but it’s too sunny to run so I didn’t. I thought, well, maybe I should run in the morning right after work, but then I’m too sleepy to even think about it not to mention the fact that I’m lacking sleep and I feel that it’s not good for the body. So there you are. I don’t know if these excuses are valid.

About my diet, it’s basically just about the same. It only changed when I had to do night shifts. I couldn’t NOT eat in the night because during the day, I spend most of my time sleeping. I tried eating during the day before going to bed so I wouldn’t get hungry during the night, however, hunger pangs attacked me and tried as I might, I couldn’t prevent myself from eating. I’m hungry, and it’s my body’s way of telling me that it’s not humane to prevent one’s self from eating. Besides, I always listen to what my body says. It’s the best Doctor you’ll ever have. When something’s wrong, your body will tell you about it. And believe me, listen to it in order to save yourself from further injury.

I weigh myself every morning before breakfast and so far, I never go beyond 49 kg. That’s a good sign. But I still feel bad about not having to run because running makes me feel good about my body.

This afternoon, I’ve been contemplating whether I’ll run or not. I came from night shift, was able to sleep, and it’s my day off. But then at this hour, Jess is waiting for a chat, and it’s my nephew’s 11th birthday and I’m planning to talk to him on Skype and also talk to the rest of my family as well. So in choosing between having to run and talk to my loved ones, I’d definitely choose the latter. I also heard that there’s a sandstorm outside so it’s better if I just stay indoors.

I just never run out of excuses, ain’t I? I think I better change my running routine that’ll include the above circumstances. When laziness sets in, my body chooses comfort over effort, to think that running just takes away 30 minutes of my precious time, tsk.

I think my laziness had its time. I needed to get back on track or else, all of my effort would just go to waste. No more excuses!

Jess: Are you still running?

Me: Tsk…no…I’m too lazy…

Jess: But you are running nonstop.

Me: Huh?

Jess: On my mind…;)

Me: Bwahahahaha! Nice one!


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