Growing Apart?

Ever since I got into a routine (run-a-day), C and I haven’t been able to talk much even if we’re roommates. When I come home from day shift, I quickly don my running clothes, run for about 15 minutes or so, go home, take a shower, read a book and then sleep. When I come home from running, either C is talking to someone on her mobile or she’s fast asleep. On my days off, it’s either I’m at Gemma’s place, out with Heidi, or simply glued to my current TV series. During my night shifts, I don’t get to see her.

Well, I never paid much attention to this growing-apart signs between us. Not until I found out (from my roommate Cat who just returned from her vacation in the Philippines) when I overheard her talking with Ivy.

Cat: …her boyfriend…blah blah blah.

Me: What? C has a boyfriend now?

Ivy: Girl, the news arrived late for you?

Cat: I thought you knew coz you two are very close.

Me: No, I don’t. She didn’t tell me about it.

Cat: When I left, you two were very close. What happened?

Me: Huh? I don’t know.

I felt sad. Not coz C has a boyfriend already but the fact that she didn’t tell me about it. I’m supposed to be her friend. We’re supposed to be telling each others secrets, or doesn’t it work that way anymore? Was I too preoccupied by staying fit that I failed to be there for her when she needs someone to talk to? I felt bad.

When C arrived from work, I jokingly asked her how come she has a boyfriend and I never knew about it? She said she doesn’t have one. I asked her why is she keeping it a secret from me? She insisted she doesn’t have one. Oookay. I know when to lay my hands off. After that short “talk,” came a deafening, nerve-wracking, tension-forming silence.

What ever happened?


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